Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goals review and new goals

March's goals:


  • keep up with Mystery X (even with that enormous part - eek!) - didn't happen. still working on it now, though getting close - just a bit of the dark blue&green, and the pale green to stitch - and the beads
  • stitch beads for part 1 - this didn't happen either, though i'm starting to stitch the beads now along with the threads I'm working with (I rotate through the colours, a length at a time so I don't get in a rut)
  • stick to rotation - sacrificed this one to try and keep the other two. I'll try to do better this month.

  • get all homework done, on time - yes! For the first time in my life, it's week 5 and i'm completely up to date. Week 6 actually, and I haven't missed any assignments.
  • not miss meds AT ALL - yep. Not having a repeat of what happened to make me make this a goal last month!
  • start taking my lunch to school - no, not this time. Which is frustrating, but it will happen, eventually. Eventually being the operative...
  • get a bedtime, and stick to it - heh. well, bedtime I got. sticking to it is the hard part. Stitching gets in the way especially.
  • clean my room - nope, though Mel's said she'll do it for me when she comes up Tuesday.

This Month:

  • catch up the Mystery, with part 3 done
  • stick to the new rotation
  • stitch along with Tash when I get my JOB stuff
  • not start anything new except JOB
  • stitch in the HAED QS SAL with periwinkle at least twice this month
  • stitch in the 2nd weekend SAL with From the Ashes
  • experiment with cross country on From the Ashes
  • think about getting new fabric for frogs...anna and waychie (who have actually seen them), do you think they're worth starting over on jobelan with white silk? Or should I just stick with them as they are?
  • not buy ANYTHING else!
  • keep my room relatively clean
  • actually pray my rosary at least once each week
  • get fabric together for quilt for school (find it all!)
  • get fabric for quilt that's still needed (solid colour fabrics)
  • keep up to date with school
  • try to get to bed at a reasonable hour each night

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Tash said...

Monday sounds perfect! Let me know when your kit arrives, and I'll be ready to start whenever you are :)