Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, I've made quite a lot of progress. But no photos for you, worse luck! Very slow internet here, so I'll wait 'til I get back in a week or so. Photos HAVE been taken though.

What have I been up to?

Well, when I got here I got stuck into Mystery X, and got about half of part 6 done. It's looking lovely, and very sparkly, but I got very sick (read: weak, everything aches, and very tired) so I swapped it for A Restful Night, a few days early for the Challenge SAL, #1. I duly worked on her for the weekend, and got 'her' almost done - just the bottom of her arm yet to do, and gave the frog most of one eye and the beginnings of another. VERY cute. It almost glows! I finished the row, and put a few stitches into the next before bed...and in the morning, got a package from Singapore containing a fat 1/4 of Vintage Exemplar linen. Sorry froggy - Peaceful Paradise jumped right onto the frame! I started in the centre with the border, which drove me batty but did place it nicely, and as I've moved out I've added things like the lettering, day sky and the beginning of an angel wing. I'm missing one colour - WDW's Whiskey, so I might put in a quick order for that before I go to bed tonight. It's been going well, except for some annoying frogging today - I found that about two hours' work - lots of lettering, was a stitch out. ARGH! It's duly frogged now, and I'm tempted to grid the lettering area now. Stupid frogs.

Mostly here I've been relaxing, lots of stitching and sleeping, and playing with the two girls next door who are 5 and 7 and adorable. Good fun.


Chiasmata said...

Sounds like you've gotten some nice stitching done. New fabric is always fun to receive. :)

Ruth said...

Stamp on that frog! Just don't scare him in my direction. :) Congrats on all the accomplishments. I can hardly wait for your service to speed up so we can see pics.