Thursday, January 03, 2008


Given my progress today, I want to try something. I'll actually print this out and stick it up, so maybe I'll follow it, too!

IF I AM BORED, AND NOT WANTING TO STITCH (for whatever reason):
  • go through cookingmagazine to find the recipes which will be good to cook up sometime I have to feed me/the house
  • go through cookiebook to find recipies
  • make cookies!
  • eat
  • pray
  • clean - do a quick tidy of the areas already clean. when this is done, start work on rationalising the boxes and presents under the tree, cleaning the coffee table, and clearing off my sewing cabinet
  • clean my room
  • collect the dirty clothes from my room
  • wash said clothes
  • not waste time on the internet
  • read - I have FTLOTW, and several fiction books. reading is good.
  • vacuum the living room floor
  • lay out moonshadow quilt
  • pin moonshadow quilt
  • sew - quilt needs the blocks sewn together, bindi's green dress needs finishing, my green dress needs hemming, purpledress needs fixing, bindi's red dress needs sewing, my red skirt needs sewing.
  • redress the dolls
  • plan church photostory
  • blog
I've found myself very easily wasting time on the internet recently, and that bugs me. This funny part of me is saying that I should limit my net 'surfing' to an hour a day, and just check up on things like bloglines, and my usual forums, during the day. And KoL. Otherwise I waste SO. MUCH. TIME.

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