Sunday, January 06, 2008

Packing and stuff

The last few days have wandered their way on. The days are slow, but not miserable, though the state of the house is scaring me. Not really my problem though, and I leave tomorrow morning for my grandmother's house - my yiayia, (γιαγιά) as I keep calling her when I talk to my friends. I like being over there, though I'll miss my church family and the internet (I always do), and I'll be going to an anglican church for the first time in my catechumenate which will be interesting.

I'm going to go stay with her, and my family over there, for two weeks. I'm taking my lowery stand with me - the massive upside to these stands is that you can take them apart and tuck them into a suitcase. My big q-snaps are going to get dis-assembled too, and tucked in with the stand. Probably my other stitching bits and pieces I will take in bags on the bus with me.
The question is - which to take?

Well, I'm going to take my laptop, because a) it has a bunch of charts on it and b) I'd go mad without somewhere to type, even if I have no internet. So that helps matters.

Here's the list at the moment:
  • Peaceful Paradise - Midsummer Night Designs (this is my GFJanuary project, though my fabric is taking its time to get here, grr! I'll take all the other supplies for it, and I've already made a working copy of the chart)
  • Mystery X which I want to get lots of work done on
  • A Restful Night which I'll take and hopefully get some progress into
  • Tranquility Sampler which I'm going to have on the bus with me to work on (fits in a hoop or q-snap easily, tuck it against the window for good light)
I wanted to take Noon Basking and the Historic Countries sampler but I really can't justify it - I'm only away two weeks!

So I'm packing - everything's packed but my stitching now, so I just have to sort out the supplies and tuck them in my bag, and set things up so I can stitch on the bus easily :)

I'll blog from the town where my grandmother is when I can - there's a library, and I'll probably do what I've done before - write entries, then back-post them when I get to the library. I'll see you all then!

Edited to add: And to my Eastern Orthodox friends who read this, CHRIST IS BAPTISED!
It's Theophany today (well, technically yesterday as it's past sundown now) and most of my lucky friends got to services. I didn't but that's okay - Jeremy's sick, and I'd rather he get better than for us to have gone. There is always next year, and we DO have twelve great feasts and Pascha through the

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Chiasmata said...

I hope you have a nice stay with your grandmother. I always have trouble deciding which projects to take when I'm going away. And somehow I never seem to want to stitch on the ones I do take. Two weeks without internet, eek! Sounds like you've got your survival planned out though.