Thursday, January 31, 2008

Passage of time

Now is the last hour of January 2008, which is distinctly weird. This month has gone so fast!

I wish I could show you photos, I'd dearly love to. Unfortunately my sister has managed to lose the camera charger, and I can't take any! When I can, I'll upload them. Instead, I'll tell you my progress, which I know isn't as good but it'll have to do.

Well, I've almost finished page 1 of Peaceful Paradise (shock, horror - Kyrie's still managing to stick to one project!). I've sort of been working on two pages at once, but mostly on page 1, though more than half of page 2 is done too! All that's left to do on page one is to finish the word I'm currently stitching (righteousness), and fill in more of the sunny sky. Which is all pale blue, and very tedious, but oh well. It uses an incredible amount of floss! On the upside, it looks FANTASTIC. I estimate about 800 stitches left of the blue, but at least soon I'll have to do some counting so that I leave the outline of the sun's rays, which I'll fill in with the whiskey floss when I get it. Counting is good for breaking up tedium. The borders are in for this section half the central border is done, the top border for this side is totally done, and the side border is done to just below the bottom of the first page. So all in all, I've got a lot of the tedious bits done quicker than I would have expected. I just didn't expect the sky to be quite this tedious! These top bits are the only real 'block' stitching to be done, though there's quite a bit of grass to be filled in down the bottom scene, and the rest should go quite quickly - the writing really takes no time at all to fill in and it's good fun!

Sally asked about the loukoumia (turkish delight). Well, it was good, just sticky sweet. It's grown a hard layer on the top, but I think I'll cut that off and it should still be good. Still got half a pan left! Next time I make this, I'll make it before a Thursday or Sunday so that I'll have a mass of willing volunteers to gift the extra that I won't eat - Thursday night is my youth fellowship/bible study/group madness, and Sunday of course is Church. I'll just have to do it soon, Lent starts in March - eep. Sometime before March I need to get someone to teach me how to make fassolia, which is wonderful - beans in tomato and celery soup. YUM.

Other than that life is slow. It passes, day by day, but I've been sick for the past week. I'm not exactly sure why, but I have suspicions that it's my medication's fault. And I'm thinking of picking up a couple subjects Open Access (correspondence) because though I can't make it to school, I have a couple hours in the evenings when my brain is working, and I might be able to do some work towards getting my SACE (A-levels, high school certificate, etc). Sounds good? I thought so.

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