Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 in brief

As always, doing the recap is a popular pastime among bloggers at the moment. And I've done it before, so I guess I'll do it again! Mine is of the month by month variety:

JANUARY: Spent most of the month with my grandmother and my family, started Mystery X, started the HAED Challenge SAL with From the Ashes, ended up in hospital with something minor, came home. Oh, and helped Troy move into his new house. Lots of stitching time.

FEBRUARY: Started yr 12 again, new school. Seemed to settle in reasonably well. Participated in the Challenge SAL again, but was getting frustrated by my lack of progress. Worked madly on Mystery X, but was still really behind (due to the part being huge).

MARCH: Participated in Challenge SAL, got increasingly more annoyed with it. Bought masses of fabric for dresses that I didn't have the patterns for. Helped Troy out with Uni stuff. Made some awesome kiwi+lime+coconut muffins. Finished MX's part 2, finally, almost a month late. Started and thoroughly enjoyed part 3. Started Japanese Octagon Box and SAL'd with Tash sporadically.

APRIL: Started Tranquility Mystery Sampler on 28ct linen, over 2. Made progress on JOB. Challenge SAL #4. Worked on part 3 of MX, but got attacked by beading. Got a beautiful sewing case thing from Troy's Mum for my birthday. Oh yeah, I turned 19, too. Dyed an awful lot of fabric with Peta for a quilt I was planning to make for Craft. Gave Periwinkle Fae a face. Finished part 3 of Mystery X.

MAY: Worked more on Periwinkle Fae. Got really sick, and thought it was the flu. Restarted Tranquility on 32ct linen 1x1. Liked this much better. Was sent A Restful Night by a lovely RAK Fairy (aka fudgey) as a get well present. Discovered that my muscles didn't like letting me take un-blurry photos, and enlisted Troy's help in that department. Stayed sick, which makes no sense given that it's the flu, right? Parents left for Florence for a few weeks and Hannah came to help house-sit. Started ARN. Troy's Dad disassembled my 6' off the floor bed and put my floor level bed in instead. Much smarter for an invalid. Bought Troy some clothes so that he looked respectable. Had the first set of blood tests done. Had a bath all by myself and celebrated this. MX's part 6 released and it's beautiful, and I get depressed because I'm behind.

JUNE: Tried to sort out a way to actually keep some quality of life (ie not just staying in my room all day). Mum and Dad get back. Worked on ARN a lot. Got told I had Chronic Fatigue. Saw POTC3. Had the adrenal gland tests, which were very painful, and fell asleep on Dad's office floor. Got ratlets - Amina and Jemimah. Bindi got one too, Sosspiri. Bought lots of homeware stuff for my house when we get married, as it was all on sale. Caught a train to Melbourne. Also, lots of weird stuff to do with this crazy denomination of Christianity called Orthodoxy...

JULY: Did stuff in Melbourne. Came home, went to Vespers at an Orthodox church with Jeremy...and found myself in front of an icon of St Kyriaki (who had haunted me). Then found out it was her feast day. Gave up believing in coincidence. Went to Divine Liturgy and fell in love. Went to a quiz night and came 3rd. Made progress on Tranquility. Went to the Grampian mountains with Dad. Celebrated St Elias' feast day. Cleaned my room. Went to a movie night and ate an incredible amount of pizza. Started Stretch. Made progress on JOB.

AUGUST: Finished pt1 of JOB. Started taking horrible medication, but medication appears to help so not complaining toooo loudly. Caught trains with Tait. Medication makes me sick, so start taking another medication to counteract this. Got my dolls out from their boxes that they'd been in for a few years. Got some fabric for a FFW restart. Bought lots of charts. Progressed with this whole Orthodoxy inquiring thing. Got made a catechumen on the eve of the liturgical new year!

SEPTEMBER: Restarted FFW. Worked on JOB. Attended my first ever vigil, all in Greek. A very new experience, but a good one, and got fed large amounts of soup. Made an incredible amount of food for Father's Day brunch. Started Historic Countries sampler. Visited my grandmother, acquired a clothes dryer, and attended Liturgy for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and got thoroughly lost - festal liturgies will do that. Made a couple dresses. Bought the chart for Dance of the Graces, and ordered fabric and threads. Attended another quiz night, where we won convincingly (by a couple hundred points). Made Caitlin a dress.

OCTOBER: Attended a picnic, ate a large amount of loukoumades (greek honey puffs), and souvlaki, played backgammon, and discovered that my CFS had decided to go away for the time being. Knit a dalek. Started dresses for Nikki's nieces. Bought the chart for Peaceful Paradise. Ordered everything else for it! Worked on Mystery X again. Ordered AG stuff. Got stash (stuff for Nuts About Autumn). More or less finished Mali's dress.

NOVEMBER: Got kidney stones and landed myself in hospital for half a week. Started a blog for my church stuff. Made a lot of progress on ARN. Got a new prime minister. Started work on MX again. Sort of got my license again.

DECEMBER: Got ready for Christmas, was a slack blogger, worked an insane amount on Mystery X. Got part 5 done (finally!) Had Christmas, went to a new year vigil...

and here we are again :)

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