Sunday, December 16, 2007

Still alive

I've been a bad blogger, I know. I just haven't had much happening in my life.

I sat the entrance exam thing that you can take to get into TAFE (trade college) if you didn't finish high school. I passed! So now just to see if I get a place. I hope so.

Other than that...really the interesting things have just been Church related. Services, Thursday nights (complete with laughter, teasing, and throwing of food), and my own personal catechumen-y journey. Which is good, but hard to blog about, especially for an audience which isn't coming here to primarily hear about the Church's a different world. All that's in my other blog.

As far as stitching is concerned I have done about 200 stitches of the next row (11) of A Restful Night, but I've been working on Mystery X instead. Which is growing! I've been working on building up part 5 all the way around, and I now have the North one (was already done), and the west one has all but half the rhodes stitches done, and the east is growing. I'm alternating lengths of thread on rhodes stitches and lengths of thread on cross stitch, and it seems to be working. I haven't been working on the South house, I think I will when I get the cross stitching done on the East house, because the Q-snaps are currently positioned annoyingly for me to try and work on it. I'll fix that. And then on to part 6! (and getting the thing officially halfway done) I'll take a photo when I finish the rhodes stitches on the West house.

I've also been doing a lot of dressmaking prep work. I now have a dress cut out for my sister (a copy of the medieval gown I made my godsister a few months back) with the exception on the sash, which needs cutting and a blouse cut out for me in an adorable cherry on sky blue print. Hopefully it will turn out well. My to-do list in terms of dressmaking is as follows:
  • put zip in and hem green dress for sister (been done otherwise for MONTHS)
  • hem my green dress
  • sew sister's medieval dress
  • sew my shirt
  • find out from nikki what she wants done with the girls' dresses
And while I have my sewing machine out, I can take over the floor for a while and try to get some more of the quilt-of-doom sewn together - the blocks have been done for THREE YEARS now. ARGH. It's half sewn together, all done in shades of grey with the odd jewel tone. Beautiful. I'm thinking maybe I'd give it to Troy for his bed, or maybe to Jeremy - it'd make the most awesome nameday/birthday gift EVER. I don't need a quilt, and there's no real reason to stash it for marriage. Either way, it needs to be finished. It's about half sewn up, by memory. I need to fix that. I'd also like another crack at the redandwhite quilt, which I have an incredible amount of fabric for. Enough for a queen size bed quilt. Yes, I am mad. Thankyou for noticing! The plan is to make it snowball and ninepatch. I miss quilting, I'm going to do a lot of patchwork while Hannah and I housesit (parents are going to stay with my grandmother, I'll join them after Theophany (Jan 6)) because she won't mind if i take over half the living room floor for a little while.

Mostly though, I'm tired. I am not quite sure if this is a relapse, but it's definitely not fun. It's 10:46pm and I'm lying in bed - not abnormal, except I've been doing it since 7 and wanted to since 4.

It's the feast day of the Forefathers of the Church today, so now more than ever it's appropriate to say:
Through the prayers of our most holy Fathers, may the Lord have mercy upon us and save us, Amen.

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