Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Restful Night, two pages done

I realise that I've been neglecting this blog. I guess it's been more that nothing really of interest has been happening, or that which is interesting is all Church related and most people come here for stitching and life trivia, not theology. And with the Church...theology is in everything. I'll put a link to my Orthodoxy blog in my sidebar, in case someone wants to read it. I don't just write theology, I write life-stuff there too, but most of life-stuff that isn't stitching ties in with the Church!

Here's my darling little fairykins though, and the beginning of a frog, at 15,000 stitches, and two pages done (of six, but two are partial):
Row 10 - 4/12/07

She's lovely, and it's so much fun to stitch her. Amazingly, I'm almost done with her altogether! From now on it's mostly frog. Which will be nice, I love the froggy and it will be good to see her watching me, but it's kind of sad too. It's been fun working on her.

I have the dilemma of whether to switch off and work on something else, but I'm still wanting to work on her so I think I will, for the time being. Until I get sick of her and run off to work on Dance of the Graces or something :)


Sally said...

Wow, she is looking fanastic Kyrie! Not much more to do now:)

jymisgurl said...

She looks great! Those mushrooms look like they would low in the dark!

Cathy said...

You are really making good progress on this one. I collect frogs and have been enjoying watching your progress.