Thursday, February 15, 2007

Photos and things like that

Here's a photo post, given I haven't posted photos in a while.

First, first day of school:

this is one version of school uniform - basically, that tshirt (or a white otherwise identical one) and pants, or the school skirt, or my school dress (which I don't have photos of yet) or a combination of the aforementioned. Yes, people wear tshirts over dresses - and dresses over pants ocassionally, but you don't often see that. We do have jumpers (sweatshirts) too, but it's mostly been too hot to wear them. They're green. The white long sleeved shirt technically isn't school uniform, but they don't really care - I was warm that way! Mornings are cold, but they warm up quickly, and long shirts under tshirts works well - I can always just take the undershirt off later in the day.

Next, Tumbles (fat cat) finding a comfortable

He was heavy though, so I had to shove him off after a while. I was not popular, but my back didn't hurt.

And the stitchy photos.

From The Ashes after the challenge SAL:

I've beens struggling with this one - I don't feel that I'm achieving much, mostly because the stitches are so small. I think I need to set stitch count goals, and achieve them, and then I'll feel better. It's mostly confetti background at the moment, and slow going, but the effect is worth it.

And Mystery X -Part 2 WIP. This is a big part, and is taking me FOREVER, but Martina's promised us a smaller part next month *phew*

I'll catch up on the rotation next month!


Danielle said...

Your pictures look great. It's always nice to put a face to the name. You look so cute and sweet!! I agree with wearing a shirt underneath the short sleeved shirt. When I was in school (oh, many moons ago, as I'm 32!!) I was always cold and had sweaters and whatnot.

Danielle said...

I knew I meant to say something else before I hit "publish" for my other comment. Your Chatelaine looks great!! I have never done one of these but love seeing everyone else's progress. I also love your blog. So keep writing.

Michelle said...

Your WIPs look fantastic. Mystery X is so beautiful! I am having to live vicariously through everyone until I finish up my Mystery 9, and can start on that one. Pretty HAED too!

Deanne J said...

You WIPs look great, love Mystery X

Susan said...

Your WIP's are beautiful! I know what your mean about progress on the HAED charts-but for me it becomes addicting! I can't wait to get to the next part, so I keep on stitching.

Kathy said...

Wow what great stitching. Thanks for your comment left on Sam.

Your Chatelaine looks gorgeous, I just tlove those colours.

It may be worth shopping around for this kit. I bought The Mighty Samurai of ebay for £25, rather than paying the full price in the shops, which is about £45 to £50, here in the UK. Hope this helps.

Hugs xxxxx

Hazel said...

Awwwww your pics are great! You look fab!! Very sweet. And your cat too of course! lol.