Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I got my five charts that I ordered in the sale this morning, which was great - spent a happy hour or so just pawing them.

Went into patches by the bay (the craft etc shop here) and got the first 15 or so colours I'll need (enough to do almost 2000 stitches) which should last me the weekend (!) for From The Ashes, so I can get started on friday, yay. I also got some fabric and a pattern for the cutest patchwork bag (which has the added bonus of being quick to make up) as well, because Troy told me to get it - exception to The Wagon, yay. All country colours and really pretty.

I'm thinking about restarting periwinkle since I hate the tension and restarting her without the background, but that leaves a space in my rotation so if I get up to her space again before I get the new chart then I'll put From the Ashes in there.

Anyway the librarian is about to kick me out, so I'll try and blog before monday (when I get home, for anna and rach's benefit - you were wondering!) otherwise I'll blog (with pictures) when I get home.

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