Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Periwinkle Wk 3 and Frogs after SAL

Here's the beautiful periwinkle fae, so very close to half a page done. I got distracted from posting up the update on Friday by a New Start SAL on the HAED BB and forgot entirely, so I'm posting it today, and will post my usual Friday update this week as well. My Frogs have 1600 stitches done now, two rows of 10x10 blocks on a page, and lots of sparkle thread, not bad for a weekend, and I'll post a picture of that here as well. It's a shame to have to put them away for a while, but the fairy will have a page done on her soon, and then I'll pick them up again. They look rather lovely - well the background stuff that I've done does anyway! It'll be another three pages after this one before I see frog, but I can wait. The colours are very soft, and I didn't like the look of the sparkle next to the soft colours at first, but it looks amazing from a distance and passable from close up (right under my nose, where I stitch!) now so that's okay. I'm looking forward to not having the huge expanses of glitter thread to stitch soon, it's just a bit much to do massive amounts.

Periwinkle Fae - (c) Nadia Tate & HAED
Started: 29 September 2006
Total Stitches: 31,350
Stitches Done:
  • 6/10/06 - 1503
  • 13/10/06 - 2655
  • 20/10/06 - 3688

It's a Froggy Frog World - (c) Jody Bergsma & HAED
Started: 20 October 2006
Total Stitches: 141,300
Stitches Done:
  • 23/10/06 - 1600


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