Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Blog

This is kyrieflutter, I needed a stitching blog because all my cross stitch and craft is eating my life, so here it is.

Here are my stats:

  • HAED Hope Angel Virtue
  • Dracolair Noon Basking
  • Annie Dear God Kid things for my niece, Caitlin (small, I work on them on the bus)
Have charts but not started:
  • HAED QS Periwinkle Fae (Nadia Tate)
  • HAED Angel Virtues (Ann Masiker) YES I do have all 8
  • HAED QS Kimono Fae (Tate)
  • HAED QS Buttercup Kitty Fae (Tate)
  • HAED The Storykeeper (Selina Fenech)
  • HAED Flight of Fish Fancy (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law)
  • HAED Froggy Frog World (Jody Bergsma)
  • here is my HAED one
  • Dracolair Midnight Hunting
  • Dracolair Dawn Awakening
  • Dracolair Evening Dreams (when it's released)
  • The other Days of Dragons chart when it's released

My current rotation works on a page by page basis, between my two major WIPs. I'm planning to add Periwinkle Fae and Froggy Frog World when I get to the end of this round of my rotation (most of the way through the page on Hope, need a page on Noon Basking) but that will be a little while yet. My fingers are itching to start them but I'm going to be good. I think 4 is a managable rotation, and will give me a bit of interest - all four are very different! I think my rotation will look something like this category-wise:

  1. Angel Virtue or other "smaller" HAED
  2. Days of Dragons dragon
  3. QS of one kind of another - I have way too many Nadia Tates, I have to start them!
Should give me a bit of interest. The Angel Virtues are 2x1 on 25 count linen, the dragons 2x2 on 32 count and the other two I'm planning to do on 25 count lugana.

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